Graphic Recording - capturing the BIG ideas

Graphic Recording: Implement Thought Leaders


Graphic Recording (also known as graphic summaries, visual minutes, scribble & sketchnotes) are rich visual notes made by a mix of handwriting, visual elements and drawings.

All too often, what comes out of meetings are highly detailed, text-only minutes that no one bothers reading afterwards.

In graphic recording the focus is on capturing the BIG ideas;

  • highlighting the key elements,
  • capturing interesting quotes, and
  • expressing concepts

Verbal and visual concepts are coded together by the brain improving understanding, memory and recall.

Hearing  + Seeing  + Thinking  + Drawing  = Graphic recording


Graphic recording are made real-time in a physical or virtually setting using either pen & paper or a tablet & stylus.


Graphic recordings are fun and engaging and will make events stand out of the crowd.

Makes conferences, summits, or workshop memorable and gives it a life after the lights have been turned off.

Each graphic recording are unique and can be customized to brand colors and CVI.

Graphic recording: Oplevelsesdesign - Graphic Recording


Do you want to try out graphic recording?

Here are 5 steps to get you going:


  • What is the topic?
  • What is the agenda?
  • Who is speaking?
  • Who is the organizer and audience?
  • What colors and logos may be relevant?
  • What images relate to the topic?


  • Have the materials you will need at hand: remember to charge, bring backup tips and backup pen
  • Set up your digital canvas or paper:
    decide on format and layout
  • Make an invisible grid to organize the canvas by agenda items so everything will fit in


  • White the title, names of the presenter(s) and draw logos if relevant
  • Chose one or two handwriting fonts you want to use for headlines and text
  • Use bullets, arrows and dividers to improve readability and show connections
  • Use placeholders to organize text
  • Do not underestimate white space


  • Concentrate: eliminate & filter distractions
  • Listen for information that stands out or
    tells a story
  • Pay attention to patterns and visualize connections
  • Draw the images that appear in your head while you listen to underline and highlight themes and concepts
  • Highlight content and use color strategically


  • Sign your work
  • Add the date if relevant
  • Photgraph or scan your graphic recording
  • Send by email, print and hang it, upload to intraweb, or post on SoMe

Happy drawing !