Courses in visual communication

Learn to complement your communication with a simple visual language, that creates engagement in your meetings and strengthen the collaborations across the organization.

Growth through Graphics

In the course, you will learn how you with simple visual tricks can create more commitment and presence in your meetings and projects, and thereby create growth for employees and the business.

The course takes place in small groups of max 8-10 people, and is 100% offline quality time F2F (yes!)

[WHAT] The course gives you:

  • The understanding of why visual communication is an effective tool that can make you more present and strengthen the collaboration in your organization.
  • Insight into cases from companies that already use visual communication, how and when they use it and what value it creates.
  • Hands-on practice of the basic drawing techniques that enable you to use visual communication with authority
  • Introduction to visual metaphors and how to find icons that convey your message
  • Practical tips and exercises on how to make your own visual templates
  • Walk-through of easy method to bring visual communication into your virtual meetings
  • Opportunity to use all the new tools in a relevant project or meeting that you are facing in your company (then you are already well on your way to implementing your new skills)
Penorama Kursus Silja

[WHO] The course is relevant for: 

Managers, project managers, facilitators, specialists and others who want to create more engagement in meetings (physical, hybrid and virtual), create an overview and common frame of reference in projects and through concrete tools achieve greater presence in the collaboration with employees and colleagues.

Everyone can participate, regardless of 'drawing level'.

Udsigt Øresund. Penorama kursus


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Do you want a course that is customized to your company/department/team then send me an email.


The course takes place in Elsinore in large, bright rooms with Penorama view of Øresund.

Customized courses can take place in your company or in external meeting / conference facilities.


Your investment in the tool of the future is 4.995 DKK excl. VAT and includes delicious meals throughout the day as well as your very own Growth Kit (read on).


Your own visual growth kit with goodies that enables you to kickstart the visual growth of your organization.
The best markers, pencils, growth fuel, etc.

What others say about the course

"I would definitely recommend Penorama's course to others, as I have received a very large benefit in a very short time. I have gone from basically not being able to draw to having a toolbox with many different visual tools that I can use to draw in many different contexts.”


Participant, 2022

“I think it was a really good starter course. Visual communication was somewhat demystified for me. I think Silja was really good at bringing it down to earth and creating an incredibly good, cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Fantastic surroundings.”


Participant, 2022

Silja Engelstoft preparing course in visual facilitation

Visualization is the tool of the future

The future is difficult to predict, but I would venture the claim that the future will only become more complex.

Simple communication (especially on complex topics) is essential in the collaboration, and helps to reduce misunderstandings. We need to understand each other and have the same picture of the task, the challenge and the solution.

When we supplement the written communication with the visual, it is both easier and faster to decode.

Therefore, you need to invest in learning visual communication!

It's not about beautiful drawings - it's about being able to outline principles and support communication with simple drawings, visual metaphors and templates - and luckily everyone can learn that.

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