Growth through graphics

Makes complex stuff easier to understand, remember and act on by the use of drawings

How visual communication can help your company

Pictures help us to understand each other better; they give us a common language, create overview and commitment. Written and oral communication is translated into images that create structure and strengthen knowledge sharing.

Based on your situation, I listen and ask questions, and translate it into visualizations that strengthen communication and discussions. At the same time, the visualizations help to remember messages and secure buy-in.


A few words about the value I create

"Silja masters the discipline of translating complex content into simple illustrations. Her background in consulting and 'corporate life' makes her understanding and ability of this translation easy and accurate. Not only are her illustrations ingenious, her ability to come up with creative oneliners that support the illustrations is amazing."
"I have had the pleasure of working with Silja at several Sprint workshops. She is great at visualizing the process and the finished product. The solutions are often very technical and difficult to explain using words only - and here is Silja ingenious to bring the technical descriptions to life with understandable, beautiful sketches and visualizations."
Lisbet Fogt Khan
Lisbet Fogt Kahn
Owner / Sprint Facilitator, InnoSprint
"Silja is super sharp at getting to know the area of professionalism, which she translates in record time into inspiring visualizations that creates added value for our target group. Silja has approached the task with a creative mindset, kept an eye on our needs and at the same time been flexible. It has made it easy and effortless, and we could not have wished for a better process."
Anne Nivika Grødem
Anne Nivika Grødem
Business Development Manager, Sermersooq Business

Examples of my work

About me

Silja Engelstoft

Founder and owner @ Penorama

My background is in consulting, executive support and project management in the pharmaceutical industry, biotech and shipping.

The common threads throughout my career have been innovation, sustainability, process optimization, change management - and VISUALIZATIONS.

I have a Master of Science in Innovation Management from the Technical University of Denmark. In addition, I have studied at the University of Tokyo and the Royal Academy (Industrial Design).

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Silja, Stifter og Ejer af Penorama - Visuel Facilitering

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