Draw your strategy

"Your strategy has seven seconds to captivate its audience… So how are you going to present it?
A big wordy document?
A lengthy address?
Slides full of bullet points?"
Stephen Cummings
Author, Strategy Builder
Visual Strategy Roadmap

Strategy can be complex to explain and to understand.

A way to engage and involve your audience is through visuals.

So how to do this?

  1. Use visual storytelling and draw your strategic narrative
  2. Animate your strategy and bring it to life
  3. Use live or pre-recorded graphic recording for unfolding the strategy as you speak

Weeks and months of preparation are spent on analyzing trends, customer needs, stakeholders, and employee input etc.

When the strategy is finally formulated and all words carefully chosen, don’t underestimate the importance of communicating the strategy.

Both at the launch and afterwards in continuous dialogues at all levels in the organization.

Draw your strategy